Admin Landing

Admin Landing

Manage business in your hands designed the Admin app for you to stay connected with your store wherever you are. Even if you have one or multiple stores, this app helps easy for you to manage your orders, products, track sales and much more.

Our Features

The powerful features of the admin app helps easy to manage your ecom business in the palm of your hand.


Helps you track your store, analyze and manage your store in real-time, and provide key performance data of your online sales.

Store settings

Simple setup is enough which includes store logo, email id, address, contact number and map location code of your online store.

Product structure

Manage your entire product config by adding names, uploading product images, price, offers, description and mapping with different categories.


Centralized inventory provides accurate stock positioning during store sales of your website and mobile app.

Order handling

Manage order processing faster and easier than ever, including order routing, invoice creation and printing.

Track shipment

Get real-time order shipping status and route the history of your order.


An Easy Way to Access Your Business

Admin App can do many things and all you have to do is sign in to the admin app from your phone, view the latest activity on your website and mobile app, update your store list, and supervise everything in the handheld mobile device.

An easy-to-use admin app that allows users to access different logins from any mobile device so you can manage your store from anywhere you are.

How does This App Work?

Create a new store

Can get created your store within a matter of minutes and without acquiring any special skills.

Define products

Create, edit and delete your products with simple clicks. Easily manage your stock, Modify the price and set new offers.

Enjoy the sales

Access quickly the ongoing orders and handle them accordingly. Also, track shipments of the order using the app.

Start Your Own Shop That Everyone Loves

Simple steps will allow you to easily create your own store. Create and make modifications to products, store settings and much more. There’s no guesswork with your app. You decide how do you want to showcase your store.

That’s all. Introduce your store into the world of online shoppers.. and Enjoy the experience of using your own Online business.

Our App screenshots

Install our admin app from playstore and Try your store without any development effort. Check out this screenshot to learn how it works.

Powerful Partner Community

Partnered with leading eCommerce needful capabilities providers for giving more power to our customers to meet the high standard of performance and best user experience.

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 Of course, it is very secure and for that purpose has partnered with Top payment gateway Razorpay which is protected by a 100% PCI DSS compatible and certified solution.

Data will be stored in Google Cloud. It protects your data, applications, infrastructure, and customers from fraudulent activity, spam, and the same infrastructure and security services that Google uses.