Top10 reasons how order tracking benefit ecommerce business.

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In today’s fast-paced world of e-commerce, customer expectations have soared, and businesses strive to provide a seamless shopping experience. A crucial aspect of this experience is order tracking and how order tracking benefit ecommerce business With the rise of online shopping and global shipping, order tracking has become a standard feature that customers rely on to stay informed about the progress of their purchases. 

Gone are the days when you placed an order and waited for days to know when it would come. With advancements in technology, you can track the exact location of your product and the status of your order within seconds. Let us delve into the power of order tracking, exploring how order tracking benefit ecommerce businesses and streamlines operations.

how order tracking benefits ecommerce businesses

Order tracking is tracing the progress of an order from the moment it is placed until it reaches the customer’s destination using the tracking numbers or codes assigned to each order, which allows customers and businesses to obtain real-time updates on the status and location of the package.

How Order Tracking benefit ecommerce business

Enhanced customer satisfaction:

Order tracking provides transparency and keeps customers informed about the status of their orders, leading to increased satisfaction and a positive experience.

Reduced customer inquiries:

By providing real-time tracking updates, businesses can proactively address customer inquiries about order status, resulting in fewer customer support calls and emails which is one of the reason how order tracking benefit ecommerce businesses.

Improved delivery reliability:

Order tracking helps businesses monitor the movement of shipments, identify potential delays, and take necessary actions to ensure on-time delivery, enhancing reliability and customer trust.

Increased operational efficiency:

By tracking order fulfilment processes, businesses can identify bottlenecks, streamline operations, and optimise resource allocation for improved efficiency which is one of the reason how order tracking benefit ecommerce businesses

Data-driven decision-making:

Order tracking benefit ecommerce businesses by generating valuable data and insights, enabling businesses to make informed decisions based on order patterns, delivery times, and customer preferences

Quick Fact:

The first package tracking system was introduced by United Parcel Service (UPS) in 1975. It utilised barcode scanning technology to monitor package movement and provide tracking updates to customers. will be represented as an image.

Minimised delivery issues:

Timely tracking updates allow businesses to proactively address any delivery issues, such as failed delivery attempts or rerouting, resulting in reduced delivery disruptions.

Improved inventory management:

Order tracking benefit ecommerce business by providing visibility into order volumes and demand patterns, allowing businesses to optimise inventory levels, prevent stockouts, and maintain adequate stock for timely order fulfilment.

Strengthened customer relationships:

Transparent order tracking benefit ecommerce business by building trust and strengthens relationships with customers by providing a sense of control and confidence in the delivery process.

Competitive advantage:

 Offering order tracking as a service sets businesses apart from competitors and attracts customers who value transparency and convenience.

Valuable post-purchase analytics:

Order tracking data can be analysed to identify trends, measure performance, and uncover opportunities for process improvement and customer service enhancements.

The ultimate goal is to increase customer satisfaction and increased sale all with more reason on how order tracking benefit ecommerce businesses.

How does Order Tracking work?

Ever wondered how the product you ordered comes home safely? Let us understand the process behind it. Imagine you have placed an order from a store that is a few thousand kilometres away from you. It needs to follow the steps given below to reach you.

how order tracking benefits ecommerce business 2

Tracking Number Assignment:

When you place an order, a unique tracking number or code is assigned to it. This number serves as an identifier for your order throughout the tracking process.

Shipment Information:

Once your order is processed and ready for shipping, the tracking number is associated with the shipment. This includes updating the tracking number in the system and providing relevant shipping details, such as carrier information.

Tracking Updates:

As the package moves through various stages of the delivery process, tracking updates are generated and made available to you. These updates typically include information such as when the package is picked up, when it arrives at sorting facilities, and when it is out for delivery.

Real-Time Tracking:

You can access the tracking information through various channels, such as online portals, mobile apps, or directly contacting the shipping carrier. Real-time tracking allows you to monitor the progress of your order, check estimated delivery dates, and view any relevant status updates.

Delivery Confirmation:

Once your package is successfully delivered, the tracking information is updated to indicate the delivery confirmation. This is to confirm that the package has reached its intended destination and was received by the customer.

Quick Fact:

GPS (Global Positioning System) technology is widely used in package tracking to accurately track the location of packages in real time. It enables precise tracking and delivery route optimisation.

Research from Verte Research reveals that a whopping 91% of consumers actively track their packages, 39% track them once a day, and 19% of Americans track their packages multiple times each day.

This shows how customers, especially millennials, are more obsessed with order tracking and how it is an essential part of any e-commerce business.

In summary, Order tracking is no longer a luxury but a necessity in the world of e-commerce, as 97% of online buyers want to have order tracking, and 3% don’t bother. It plays a vital role in providing transparency, enhancing customer satisfaction, and improving operational efficiency. 

By leveraging advanced tracking systems and analysing tracking data, businesses can optimise their processes, reduce customer inquiries, and gain a competitive edge. Embracing order tracking as a strategic priority enables businesses to streamline the customer journey and deliver an exceptional shopping experience from start to finish.

With that being said, it is the right time for you to integrate order tracking into your store today. Contact us today to learn more about this feature. You can also create a store and check the feature by yourself or contact our Support team. 

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