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i.am.retailer helps to grow your business by providing online shopping and ecommerce solutions

Setup your online store and achieve higher results with

  • Responsive website
  • Native mobile application for android
  • Native mobile application for iOS
  • Admin panel and many more

Unlimited features for your applications

Increase Sale efficiently

Time trigger countdown for product discount, unit price change by bulk product purchase.

Customize Capabilities

Add custom field, Geo zone, taxes, user roles and more to make iamretailer truly yours.

Measure & Improve

Track your inventory stock and analyse sales by variety of reports

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Admin Panel Features

The i.am.retailer Admin Panel enables seamless data management with 360 degree features view. Easy integration and upgrades take this application to a whole new level and provides your customer a comfortable shopping experience.

Dynamic dashboard

Dynamic dashboard and beautiful visualization charts

The dashboard is built to get instant knowledge about your business and Maximize your Customer Lifetime Value.

Categorise product catalogue

Categorize your product catalogue

This tagging and categorization of the products helps to increase your customer’s interest and get instant results from their wishlist.

Promotional banner

Promotional banner customization

This option is uniquely designed for your convenience, which helps to upgrade your store. The designs are fully customizable and added to that you can add multiple banners with links.

Sales order

Sales order

As your customer goes through checkout, their order details will be automatically transferred to the admin panel orders module section for you to keep track and will be ready to take print of the invoice (shipping print).

Generate order invoice

Generate Order invoice

You can generate an invoice number, once your customer order is completely ready. For this you just click the button next to the invoice, which will automatically generate a unique invoice number for every invoice.

Real time synchronization desktop

Real-time synchronization

You can easily sync data between your admin panel, ecom website and mobile application in real-time. So that your orders, inventory changes, product information, etc. will be automatically updated on both sides.

Support large inventory

Support large inventory

With our innovative fast-loading technology you can store unlimited inventory and load products at lightning speed on your website and mobile application.

Compatible payment

Compatible payment & shipping management

You can choose our default options such as "Cash on Delivery, free shipping etc" and thus we can enable and support different payment & shipping gateways that are widely trusted by your customers.



They play an important role in our eCommerce business. Also, you can track the real-time status of your business by the variety of i.am.retailer reports.

Reward coupon codes

Reward and Coupon codes

You can create reward/coupon codes for your loyal customers, which will help you create good feedback for your store and promote sales and revenue.

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Choose the right website theme for any of your business.

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